Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Linux on HD2: IRQ problem solved!

Just an update. Last few weeks we've been working on something we named "the irq problem". After registering some interrupts, whenever the first one fired, it would cause an infinite amount of "bad IRQs". Finally after a bit of coincidence that we read along some of the problems randomblame was having, we saw some interesting code in the entry-macro.S file, patched by vladone. This was the solution to the irq problem.

It's typical. You do really a lot of research on something, and it turns out to be something so small (only three lines of assembly code). As you can see on the git repo, getting rid of this blocking issues allows us to finally do some other work.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Modded HTC Flashlight app

Some time ago a flashlight application got released by HTC. It's being used in many ROMs already. However, one thing that is annoying, is that when you start the app, you get this demo of how to use the application. It rotates a few times and ends up in the center again with the LED on. Even though I have my own baby (TorchButton), I thought this behavior was pretty annoying and I read a few times on the forum already about other people being annoyed as well.

It was fun to figure out how to fix the exe to skip the demo, so I took on the challenge and fixed it. Check out the thread over at xda-developers ([MOD] HTC Flashlight, no demo at startup).