Some people, like me, are still forced to use Teamspeak 2 as their comms app to communicate to their clan. There are several apps that provide overlays for Teamspeak and Ventrilo, but I have not found a working overlay application that works for Teamspeak 2 on Windows 7. I've created a simple Teamspeak 2 Overlay application that sits on top of your game, but unfortunately only works if you use windowed mode. I use it for EVE Online, which for me is always windowed so that I can easily access my browser and other stuff.

  • Shows the name of the channel
  • Speakers are at the top
  • People that stopped speaking are red for 5 seconds before disappearing
  • Size of the app is automatically adjusted to the active number of speakers
  • Simply drag the window to move it
Limitations (that won't be fixed):
  • Only works on top of a windowed mode game
  • You can't click the areas in your game that are covered by the app
  • The unstable API of Teamspeak 2 causes a crash once every hour (but the app automatically restarts, so you shouldn't be bothered with it).
Version history:
- Fixed restart loop if TS2 was not running

- Automatically restarts when the app is not responding

- Initial version

1) Download TS2Overlay_v0.3.zip
2) Unpack to a directory of your choice
3) Run TS2Overlay.exe

For those that don't trust me, inspect and compile the sources yourself. You can find them here. 

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