Update 01-05-2012
Holy crap. CCP has fucked it up again, but is
now mixing commas and periods. Version 0.2 has been
released for this purpose.

Update 21-03-2012
CCP has fixed this crap with localized
killmails being copied from the game.
This tool is useless now.
Thank you for your attention.

CCP, the developer of Eve Online, has a nice way of showing their intelligence. They recently added (proper) localization support to their game, which is nice for our russian and other non-latin friends. As a side-effect however they included localization of killmails, which horribly breaks importing them to any killboard. Many killboards have been updated (read: work around ccp's fail), but you're the one stuck posting to a killboard that hasn't been updated.

That's where KillmailUnfucker comes to help. It monitors your clipboard for any killmails you may have copied from the Eve Online combat log. When it detects you copied a killmail that is malformed, it fixes it and updates the clipboard.

Click here to download KillmailUnfucker.
Source code is here.

There is no installer. Just unzip, and run the executable. 

Just leave the app running in the background. It sits in your system tray waiting to fix killmails for you.

As usual, you copy the killmail from the combat log in Eve Online and by the time you paste it in the input box of a killboard, it will have fixed it. Enable the beep if you want to hear it work.

- CCP still fails and they now mix commas and periods in security status

- Check clipboard every second (using a fast check) for malformed killmails and fix
- Option to beep on unfucking a killmail
- Minimize to system tray
- Bad icon

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